Study Abroad

Planning Overseas Travel for USC Students

International travel approvals are not made or granted through USCSA, Campus Wellness and Crisis Intervention, or the Division of Student Affairs. The information on this site is provided to encourage program coordinators planning international trips do so in a well-informed and safe manner, and also to encourage them to provide notice to the university about their travel for emergency purposes.

Step 1: Student Rosters (6 weeks in advance)

Step 2: Obtain Student Signatures (5 weeks in advance)

Each coordinator must collect all of the signed forms listed below from all students participating in their program. Both the on-campus coordinator and on-site coordinator should keep copies of these forms.

Step 3: Travel Insurance (4 weeks in advance)

  • Verify that all student travelers are covered by either regular USC student health insurance, or the USC overseas health insurance plan, both of which include special health and emergency coverage by International SOS. Please visit Overseas Travel Resources for information about insurance options.
  • Recommend that students travelers receive a consultation from the Travel Clinic offered at the Engemann Student Health Center or Eric Cohen Student Health Center. Please visit the clinics for additional information.

Step 4: Destination Restrictions Policy and Overseas Emergency Response Plan (3 weeks in advance)

Review the university’s general plan for emergency response:

The first point of contact in an emergency is International SOS, USC’s contracted health and safety emergency service provider for overseas programs: 215-354-5000, or 215-942-8226, or

For questions about the overseas health and safety protocol or crisis intervention for students abroad, contact