Campus Support and Intervention

Campus Support and Intervention is where members of the Trojan Family go to seek support for themselves, for others, and for the community. It is a one-stop-shop for care and support, troubleshooting and advocacy. For a multitude of reasons, students, faculty and staff members may get off-track, and their ability to succeed and meet their goals can be challenged. Campus Support and Intervention helps them to connect with campus resources and provides them with options and pathways for success. It is an office of hope and opportunity.

What We Do


Nearly everyone experiences an occasional challenge that disrupts their ability to be successful and meet their goals. We assist faculty, staff and students by providing support services and options enabling them to get back on track.

Student Health Leave of Absence

For students facing health challenges that interfere with their ability to function, a health leave of absence (HLOA) is often their best option. The health leave process is coordinated through our office ensuring that when students return they are ready for success.

Advocacy (students)

On occasion due to limitations such as health constraints or personal or family tragedies, a student is unable to advocate for themselves. In these situations, with the student’s permission we may advocate on their behalf regarding academics and potentially other university business.


We consult with students, student groups, faculty, staff, departments, and parents about support services, referrals, and options for responding to students, faculty, and staff others are concerned about as well as concerning situations.


Often in partnership with departments such as Campus Wellbeing, Student Counseling, and Mental Health, Threat Assessment and Management, academic units, and the Center for Work and Family Life, we provide presentations and group meetings. These events better educate the USC community about our services and support efforts and explain how we partner with campus departments to help individuals and communities receive assistance.

Crisis Support and Response

We respond to the most critical incidents/tragedies impacting a member or members of our community such as, accidents, natural disasters, violence, and death. We coordinate the University response on critical incidents – partnering the Department of Public Safety, Emergency Planning, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Student Health, Human Resources and other relevant departments.

Campus Support and Intervention

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tel: 213-740-0411